There are several difficult conversations we hope we never have to have with our parents. Telling them you are pregnant is one of them. Don’t worry. We’ve got some tips that hopefully help the discussion go a little more smoothly. You might even be surprised at their reaction.

Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy?

A late period and a positive pregnancy test should be all you need to determine you’re pregnant. However, experts say over one in four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. The majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester (12 weeks and under).

Because a woman’s body takes days or even weeks to return to her pre-pregnancy hormone level, it is possible to get a positive pregnancy test even after a miscarriage. How do you find out if you’ve miscarried? An ultrasound.

At HopePlace, we offer free and confidential pregnancy tests. We’ll refer you for a free ultrasound if your test is positive. We can even provide transportation if you need it.

An ultrasound confirms if your pregnancy is growing or if you have miscarried. It also determines how far along you are and if the pregnancy’s location is correct.

When Should You Tell Your Parents?

Although there will never be a perfect time, you should talk when you’re most comfortable. If you need time to process, take the time. If you feel you need to share the news immediately, pick a time when everyone is settled and available. This is not the sort of news you want to share as a parent is running out the door.

No matter when you decide to tell your parents, be sure to tell them in person. Texting may seem easier, but your parents should be able to process the news from you directly.

Emotions run high, so if you’re concerned about how they may react, have a friend join you or choose a public place to talk. Your safety should be your first concern.

How Should You Tell Them?

If you know your parents will be disappointed and upset by the news, start the conversation acknowledging that. You could begin by saying, “I have news that may upset you, but I want you to know…” Or, you could say, “You will be disappointed by what I have to tell you…”

Break the news as calmly as possible. By saying, “I’ve been struggling to tell you this, but I am pregnant,” your parents will know you are afraid and concerned. Try not to be defensive when they respond. It will take time for the news to sink in.

Before sharing, consider learning about your options and tell them what you think. Start the conversation with, “I am pregnant and I’ve been looking into making an adoption plan for my baby.” Or, “I am pregnant. Will you consider helping me raise my child?”

HopePlace Can Help You

Our compassionate team has talked with many women who have discovered they are unexpectedly pregnant and need to share the news with their parents. We understand the stress and concern you may be feeling.

Come to HopePlace to confirm your pregnancy. We can privately discuss your situation and how to have a conversation with your parents. Your visit and your test results are strictly confidential. No one will be notified.

Schedule an appointment online, contact us by phone, call or text (870) 352-8506. We’re here to help you.